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Drum pumps Alu

Aluminium has a wide range of applications: from vinegrowing to petroleum industry.
Drum pumps Alu For neutral liquids in all industries the right drum pumps (sealless)

  • diesel oil
  • biomass fuel
  • mineral oil
  • colours
  • emulsions
  • dispersions
  • suspensions
  • fluids of medium viscosity
  • cosmetics
  • food

For neutral liquids...

For transfilling and draining of drums and containers. Version A for high flow rate, Version R for high pressure.

The multi-purpose combination; SL-Alu-R with the powerful motor P400-A.

For fluids of medium viscosity...

The feed screw (S) is dedicated for liquids of medium viscosity (η > 200 mPas), if the impeller types A and R reach their limitations. With induction motor ideal combination for gentle dealing with the liquid.

Induction motor with frequency inverter for variable flow rate.