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Rotary Lobe Pumps

Premium Lobe - Made in Germany

At the highest level: iPP Rotary Lobe Pump Premium

A consistent approach for hygienic and non-hygienic applications Freedom of the conveying elements in all operating situations. Proposal has no product contamination due to abrasion and a maximized life are the result. An ideal condition for use in demanding processes. Stainless steel 1.4404 or 1.4435 and FDA compliant elastomer seals in the wetted area are standards and a stainless steel transmission cover. The modular design of the shaft seals and gearbox ensures a non-stop availability and a variety of equipment options for the individual tailoring with the most difficult requirements. CIP / SIP cleaning processes are unrestricted. Flows to 163 m3 / h, differential pressures up to 80 bar, depending on the model, temperatures up to 150 ° C depending on the equipment.

Why Premium?

Premium quality, according to the definition of ipp Pump Products GmbH in market circulation and rotary lobe pumps has not been available. 1 Premium materials and processes: ipp Pump Products GmbH according to modern methods and with modern manufacturing machinery machining of all major components of the pump from the solid. Product contact parts are manufactured from the highest quality rolled steel. Compared with the usual cast parts that had to be taken into account in the past nor necessarily to economic production, there are massive benefits from the flexibility of Designgebung and the hygienic and strength-related quality by eliminating the usual cast porosity and voids usual cast. 2 Premium Welding method: Pump ipp Products GmbH uses laser welding method in which the material structure is only slightly heat-load. Delay and the usual human influences on the quality of TIG welds are virtually eliminated. 3 Premium Design: The detailed mechanical design of the ipp Premium praise circular and rotary piston pump has decisive and only vice end design features to circular and rotary pumps significantly extend the early-onset stress limits of previously known. It is vital that everything is done for the exact "tracking" of the rotors to ensure the freedom of contact. The sum of tiny details in the gear design decide the performance of a rotary piston pump. The basic design of the premium Lobe rotary pump is to be used bar in a position for differential pressures up to 80th The usability of premium design and premium materials is of course given only occur if proper procedures processes also tuned and checked before everything. The in-house production is a fundamental building block for the final product Premium Lobe - MADE IN GERMANY .