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Tier 4 DC Pumps

Piusi offers the latest in “off road” vehicle refuelling technology

- We offer products tailored to suit the customers needs
- We can deliver inline with your production requirements, directly to your line
- Reliability with Quality built in
- EMC compliant

Low emissions and Eco friendly

- Our By-pass 3020 and Vantage 3020 give premium performance
- 3020 is totally compatible with Tier 4 IIIB engines whether you use SCR, DPF or EGR systems
- 3020 offers Zero Zn
- 3020 allows B20 BioFuels to be used

1. Body cataphoresis protected: give resistance to oxidation, is B20 Bio Fuel resistant and Tier 4 compatible.
2. Mechanical seal: for improved reliability and longer life.
3. Peek vanes: greater durability high wear resistance, pump designed for dry run conditions.
4. Thermally protected motor: to prevent overheatings.
5. Electronic EMC: greater reliability than tradition systems.
6. Motor cataphoresis protected: to prevent corrosion (complies with UNI EN ISO 9227 salt spray test).

Category: Pumps
Liquid: Biodiesel, Diesel
Sector of application: Fuel Transfer
Flow-rate: up to 60 l/min